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CBDB hits Colorado

BY ADAM LEECH / Colorado Springs Independent Recently relocated to the Springs, Cowboy Dave Wilson will make his inaugural local appearance this Friday, Aug. 13 at the Crystola Roadhouse. The group belts out a clean and crisp brand of upbeat and danceable, rockabilly-soaked western swing.

CBDB Featured in Journal Star

BY L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star The man, the myth, the cartoon hero, Cowboy Dave is back, looking to turn any bar into a honky tonk and, of course, save the day. Cowboy Dave is Dave Wilson, the frontman of FortyTwenty. He’s introducing his new group, appropriately called The Cowboy Dave Band...

EP Now Available on iTunes

The Cowboy Dave Band's debut recording, a six-song EP, is now available on iTunes. The tracklist includes original cowbilly songs penned by Cowboy Dave Wilson, including: Friend In A Bottle, Bill Wyoming, Cowboy Dave Theme Song, Baptist Chruch Blues, Drug Around and Dimestore Cowboy.

Cowboy Dave Band